Columbia Supreo.

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Columbia Supreo.
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Colombia Supreographer Treaty Coffee with citrus acid and shades of burning caramel. When cooking coffee acquires the sound acidity of yellow plum with light shades of a green apple. After cooling, the acid becomes much brighter, lemon shades come to the fore. In turn, the shades of caramel smooth out the taste and balancing kitchen. Coffee trees in Colombia plant ahead with banana palm trees that protect them from the scouring rays of the Latin American Sun. It is this together with optimal natural conditions that makes coffee Columbia Supreko such an original and harmonious taste. It is noted that the word "Supreo" in the title of this variety means that coffee is made according to modern technology using high-quality large grains. The grain grown in this region give one of the most harmonious to taste of drinks from Columbia coffee. Columbia variety Supreo - the highest quality coffee, which has exceptionally large grains and full, rich taste. Colombian coffee is characterized as velvety, well balanced, strong, strong, with soft sourness and stored aroma. We recommend cooking this coffee by alternative ways - in the Turk, Franch press, a drip coffee maker or just in a cup. Type of coffee: Arabicraft processing: intyaskrin (grain size): 17-18 rubber size: GIESEN W6AVOVYY TRANSPTION: 1500-1800 meters above sea level

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    Мохсоголлохский Хлебзавод