Brazil Santos.

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Brazil Santos.
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Brazil Santos.Description of tasteThe taste without excess acidity, with notes of hazelnut and cocoa, fragrant and balanced. Soft chocolate coffee. In the aftertaste is clearly a nut.Origin and featuresThe first coffee bushes were planted in Brazil in 1727 in the territory of the current state of the pair. Brazil is the largest manufacturer of Arabica in the world, its share accounts for almost a third of world production.The name of this variety gave a port Santos, from which coffee is shipped. Natural coffee from Brazil has a soft velvet taste and aftertaste with caramel notes, chocolate, cream, nut. This is due to the fact that there are practically no hills in the country, which are given to the coffee grains of the kitchen and bitterness.Type of coffee: ArabicaProcessing method: NaturalGrain Screen: 17-18Growth height: 850-1100 meters above sea levelRoster for roasting: Probat G120HS

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    Natural ingredients

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    DOY-Pack, Quadropac

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    100 kg

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    18 month

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