Seedlings of Cherry Plum Kuban comet

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Seedlings of Cherry Plum Kuban comet
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The variety of cherry plum Kuban comet is a hybrid that was bred by crossing varieties such as cherry plum Pioneer and early plum Skoroplodnaya. The Kuban comet is a compact low tree (height does not exceed 2.5–3 m). The crown is rounded and easy to form. Externally, the Kuban comet cherry plum is quite attractive, it has a smooth trunk of gray color, branches of medium thickness. In relation to the stem, the shoots are arranged horizontally. The leaves are elongated, pointed upwards, of a rich green color. In spring, during flowering, the tree looks very beautiful, as the branches are strewn with a large number of snow-white flowers. The fruits are quite large, the average weight of one fruit is 25-45 g. The fruits have a rounded-ovoid shape, slightly pointed at the tip, the abdominal suture is weakly expressed. The skin is strong and thin, when fully ripe, the fruits turn burgundy and are covered with a small waxy coating. The flesh is fibrous, very juicy, of a rich yellow or orange hue. The fruits are fragrant and quite sweet to the taste. The bone is small, rough, practically does not separate from the pulp. The fruits have good keeping quality and even when fully ripe do not crack and remain hanging on the tree. Up to 50 kg of harvest can be harvested from an adult tree. The tree begins to bear fruit 2-3 years after planting. The variety is partially self-fertile. Cherry plum perfectly tolerates frosts, is able to withstand a temperature drop to -30 degrees. It also tolerates a slight drought almost without damage.

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