Mascarpone, 500g

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Mascarpone, 500g
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Mascarpone Bonfesto - soft creamy cheese having a gentle taste. Contains proteins, carbohydrates, potassium, phosphorus, group vitamins B and Vitamin A. perfectly suitable for cooking sandwiches and desserts. The greatest fame acquired as the main ingredient of the popular dessert of Tiramisu. Maskarpone - traditional Italian cream cheese, which was gaining great popularity worldwide. Maskarpon has a creamy consistency, and gentle sweet taste. It is these qualities that make it perfect cheese for desserts. Among the greatest fame among gourmets, this cheese received as the main component of the famous Italian dessert tiramisu. A magnificent creamy taste of Mascarpone cheese is highly valued by lovers of desserts, as well as professional conferseers. It is perfectly combined with fruits and berries, a special sophistication acquires with a grated bitter chocolate. Sometimes mascarpone is used instead of oil for sandwiches, thereby giving an exquisite sweet note with an ordinary dish.

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    Mascarpone Bonfesto

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