35 AEN - HotFrost cooler

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35 AEN - HotFrost cooler
35 AEN - HotFrost cooler
35 AEN - HotFrost cooler
35 AEN - HotFrost cooler
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HotFrost 35 AEN is one of the most affordable cooler with bottom loading bottles. It differs from more expensive models only in cooling performance – the HotFrost 35 AEN cools water to a temperature of 10-15 °C, since this device is equipped with an electronic (thermoelectric) cooling module. All other options, such as heating performance, pump speed and the HotFrost 35 AEN tank pumping system, work exactly the same as for more expensive coolers with compressor type of cooling. The handles on the side panels and the light weight (about 10 kg) of 35 AEN allow you to move it in space without serious effort, which is convenient for cleaning the room. The main feature of this cooler, of course, is a cabinet for a bottle of water. Thanks to this locker and a convenient threshold on the bottom panel, it is enough to lift the bottle 2-3 cm from the floor and place it in the cooler, and not raise it to a meter height. The design with stainless steel elements allows the cooler to fit into any office or reception room, as well as into an ordinary apartment or loft-style premises.

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