35 AN - HotFrost cooler

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35 AN - HotFrost cooler
35 AN - HotFrost cooler
35 AN - HotFrost cooler
35 AN - HotFrost cooler
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This cooler is in the same price range as the coolers with the top loading of the bottle. At the same time, the HotFrost 35AN cooler uses the method of bottom loading of the bottle. Such a model is necessary (or will even be very useful) if you buy a cooler for a room in which you do not want to violate the interior features. This is especially useful if it seems to you that a container with water will spoil the whole external picture with its appearance. The HotFrost 35AN cooler is incredibly easy to use. The owner of this model, who will have to change the bottle, will be able to positively evaluate the bottom loading system of the bottle. This system is very simple and requires minimal effort.

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