Omega 3 60% №60 (omega 3)

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Omega 3 60% №60 (omega 3)
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Sport Ning Pharma
Sport Ning Pharma

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Omega 3 60% SNP No. 60 from the company Sport Dung Pharma to protect the heart, joints and health of the skin. The concentrated 60% omega 3 is a natural concentrate of fish oil, produced from the carcass of wild fish of the cold seas, with the maximum content of Omega 3, where content Eyko-seated (EPC) and Docosahexaenova (DGK) Acid reaches optimal relations: 1000 mg of fish oil accounts for PNCH 600 mg, of which EPK - 330 mg, and DGK - 220 mg. Such a regular composition of omega 3,60% adds the product to the current value and a number of advantages: for the brain- improvement of memory, increases the concentration of attention, reduces the risk of alzheimer's disease, for the nervous system, accelerates the transfer of nerve impulses, prevents depressive conditions for the heart and vessel. Reduces cholesterol levels, improves the state of the vessels, reduces the risk of thrombov formation and as a result of the development of coronary heart disease, heart attack and stroke, for beauty and youth, helps to keep skin health, hair and nails, normalizes metabolism, accelerates lipolysis (fat burning) improves Cell regeneration processes and protects cells from destruction by free radicals, for immunity, reduces allergic reactions, increases immunity, in class sports, contributes to the set of muscle mass, increases endurance, accelerates fat burning.

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