L-Carnitine 750 SNP №120 (L-carnitine)

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L-Carnitine 750 SNP №120 (L-carnitine)
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Sport Ning Pharma

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LLC Sport Nahruung Pharma produces a high-quality product based on L-carnitine in a dosage of 750 mg, oriented for athletes and people leading an active lifestyleL-Carnitine 750 SNP will allow: Lose weight; intensify metabolic processes; increase endurance; form muscle mass; protect the heart vessels; Improve brain activityL-Carnitine 750 SNP - Mandatory Power Component:When weighing weightAthletesVegetarianiansold peopleL-carnitine itself operates at the cellular level, participating in the transfer of fatty acids from subcutaneous fatty tissue in mitochondria, where fats are cleaved with energy release and / or in the form of ATP (this is a simple molecule for the accumulation and storage of cell energy) in the muscles and Other fabrics.The maximum visible effect of L-carnitine is observed when sports, when the muscle reserves end (in the form of glycogen), approximately 30 minutes of workout, and active fat burning begins. L-Carnitine 750 SNP enhances and speed up this process.1500-3000 mg / day perfectly works as a fat burner and gives strength and endurance of the body.L-Carnitine 750 SNP has the optimal composition: nothing superfluous, only L-carnitine L-tartrate 750 mg in one capsule.ATTENTION! Increases endurance and efficiency

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