Unrefined oil

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Unrefined oil
Price per l
Minimum order
20000 l
18 800.00$
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The unrefined oil-grinding fragrant sunflower oil is produced using the "first spin" technology, it has a dark golden color, a pleasant smell and taste of sunflower seeds. The seeds of the weight of the weight product 4 months old 1129-2013Nefunked sunflower oil in our factory are produced by the following technology: in a special way-shaped The department produces seed cleaning from various sera. It also occurs in the collapse, as well as the division of husk from the cores. In the roller workshop, all the kernels are passed through the rollers. As a result of such treatment, the mint is obtained. Subsequently, it is transported to the press compartment. In it, the mint passes heat treatment in special bras. In the future, it is heading for storage and sucks. Chemical oil extraction The plant does not apply, thereby producing a more useful product for health, which retains all vitamins and useful substances from the source raw materials - sunflower seeds. It is 100% natural and useful !! Lucky

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  • Type of olive oil

    Extra -Virgin.

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    Mariinsko-Posad Maker

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    4 Months (s)

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    Мариинско-Посадский Маслозавод