JUMP protein candies with nut filling "Almond brownie"

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JUMP protein candies with nut filling "Almond brownie"
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A piece of your favorite dessert in your pocket? And that it was possible? Yes! Compact protein candy JUMP.BIO with the taste of chocolate almond cake will easily fit in your purse or pocket. "Almond brownie" is a wonderful combination of the taste of cocoa, coconut, the benefits of milk protein and nuts (almonds and cashews). JUMP.BIO natural candies are free of sugar, gluten and preservatives. Only 30 grams and 97 kcal in 1 piece. In the recipe of JUMP.BIO sweets, the proportions of KBZHU are perfectly observed, as this is important for those who are on a healthy lifestyle and control their nutrition. Just one protein candy is enough to replenish your reserves of strength and energy for a long time! Moms with a sweet tooth will appreciate natural snacks for children. It is convenient to put a couple of candies in a briefcase and you can be sure that during the day the child will have a snack with health and digestive benefits. We recommend buying several packages of JUMP.BIO candies at once, as children will definitely ask for supplements. Sweets for tea without sugar are just with JUMP.BIO "Almond brownie" candies.

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