JUMP Protein candies with nut filling "Pistachio mousse"

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JUMP Protein candies with nut filling "Pistachio mousse"
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JUMP.BIO – natural protein candies without added sugar, gluten and preservatives. The tenderness of the pistachio filling, similar to mousse, will appeal to both adults and children. The ideal balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, which are provided by date paste, nuts and milk protein, gives health benefits, strength and energy. Protein candy is a support for the body, because pistachio paste contains selenium for immunity, and cashew nuts contain magnesium for the nervous system. Protein candy JUMP.BIO is more compact than a protein bar, it weighs 30 g and contains only 81 Kcal and will easily fit in the pocket of a handbag or jacket. Thanks to modern technologies and recipes, protein nutrition is becoming a healthy trend, healthy sweets for snacking are a reality. Choose sweets without sugar JUMP.BIO "Pistachio mousse" and they will become a favorite product in any situation: as a sweet for tea, a healthy snack in the office or for a child at school, a source of energy before and after training.

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