JUMP PROTEIN SHERBET with almonds and Chia seeds

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JUMP PROTEIN SHERBET with almonds and Chia seeds
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Protein sherbet from JUMP.BIO is a delicious dessert and a mix of superfoods for those who care about their health and take care of their figure. We have included whole almonds, milk protein, dried apricots, cashew nuts and chia seeds in the composition of the sherbet in order to enrich the protein dessert with the benefits of each ingredient as much as possible. At the JUMP protein bar.BIO sweet and delicate fruit and nutty taste, sherbet will give you a boost of energy and strength, as well as help to improve digestion. JUMP.BIO protein sherbets are healthy sugar—free sweets, they are perfect for tea and coffee, they are convenient to take with you as a healthy snack, on the road and to work. Compact packaging, 100% natural composition, without added sugar, gluten and preservatives. The protein bar weighs 50 g, it contains 148 kcal and 15% protein. In the JUMP sherbets.BIO has the perfect balance of KBZHU, an unusual combination of flavors and the benefits of natural ingredients for an active and healthy lifestyle!

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    Healthy product

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    9 Months (s)

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