One-piece Fua-Gra from natural goose liver (semi-prepared)

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One-piece Fua-Gra from natural goose liver (semi-prepared)
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One-piece fua-gra-gras from the natural goose liver (semi-prepared) 180 gr. It is produced in a natural way during the winter migration. The temperature and time of preparation of this exquisite natural foa-gra-gras can be stored at room temperature for 36 months. Production is limited to the farm bandwidth. Packaging: a solid piece of fua-gras from a gusing liver in a glass jar (minimum of 180 grams). Fua-Gras is produced natural and environmental in the period of winter migration. National Association of Ethical Food Products Anpae classified this product ethical for the respectful attitude of the producer to the environment

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    STB., Glass jar

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    Foie gras

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    Edouardo Sousa.

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    36 Months (s)

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    Edouardo Sousa