Moonshine apparatus of household "kingdom" - Premium 15/75 / T

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Moonshine apparatus of household "kingdom" - Premium 15/75 / T
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Moonshine apparatus of household "kingdom" - Premium 15/75 / TThanks to the large amount of cube for distillation (15l) and its wide neck (diameter - 7.5 cm), the Morilych's moonshine apparatus - Premium 15/75 / T is capable of producing a large amount of beverage per unit of time. Production material - Eco-friendly polished stainless steel, designed to work with food products. The unit comes with a drill and a bubbler. It provides a high degree of cleaning of alcohol vapors and an improved taste of the finished product. Therefore, this moonshine apparatus reviews are consistently positive.This apparatus has a built-in refrigerator moonshine (flow cooler). The presence of a thermometer allows you to constantly track the process of making a moonshine, manage it. The device has a collapsible prefabricated design, which guarantees convenience and safety during operation, as well as simple and fast service.You can purchase the aggregate itself, a moonshine surgeon, as well as the necessary components and materials - adapters, hoses, etc. Want to buy a distiller? Contact and our consultants will help you choose the desired model.

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