Moonshine apparatus "Gallilyol" - Premium 12/250 / T (1.5 inches)

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Moonshine apparatus "Gallilyol" - Premium 12/250 / T (1.5 inches)
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Moonshine apparatus "Khorilić" - Premium 12/250 / T (1.5 inches) is designed to create inexpensive and high-quality alcohol at home. The equipment kit combines all modern distillation technologies - quick-consuming closame compounds, the absence of a thread prone to wear, the possibility of a flexible change in the configuration of the moonshine for the purpose of a home master. For example, the "kingdom" - in the category of premium basic configuration The moonshine apparatus includes components for thorough cleaning of the resulting alcohol - Distant cube, an armor and cooler. Together, they are effectively removed from the finished drink of fusion oils, ethers and aldehydes. This is not a Chinese NO NAME product recycled from cheap pressure cooker. The moonshine apparatus "Khorilić" - premium 12/250 / t (1.5 inches) is designed by the designers of the CHA, taking into account the experience of the operation of previous generations of equipment. Distant cube with a capacity of 12 liters is convenient to operate, because It is easily transferred by the owner of any complex. It is made of food stainless steel, which eliminates problems with corrosion of any type. It is serially produced, so every copy of the moonshine apparatus is a factory quality, with a guarantee of 12 months from the Russian manufacturer. The performance of the Morilych's moonshine apparatus - premium 12/250 / t (1.5 inches) is up to 1 l / hour. The distiller allows you to get pure copyright drinks at a low price, without pay for charges of retail chains and intermediaries. The device is easily modified by any components, so at its base you can collect a distillation device to obtain chemically pure alcohol. The distillation cube in the basic configuration is equipped with a bimetallic thermometer to accurately control the process of distillation. The snealing device "Kindle" - premium 12/250 / t (1.5 inches) is optimized for use with induction tiles (bottom thickness 5 mm) when not heated itself Tile, and directly distilted cube due to vortex currents. At the same time, the heat loss and the cost of the finished drink are significantly reduced. Owners confirm the manufacturer's declared characteristics of the equipment set, and the high quality of the distillate obtained. Basic reason to order a moonshine apparatus - to get one of the best and technological equipment sets, saving the time of the owner. This model is a good option to stop using the distilted cube of the outdated design, when the main time goes on the operation of assembly and dismantling. Included with the device you can immediately buy and all the necessary related goods (alcoholometer, adapters, hoses, etc.).

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