Moonshine apparatus "Gorilych" - Premium 12/110 / T

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Moonshine apparatus "Gorilych" - Premium 12/110 / T
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Moonshine apparatus "Khorilić" - Premium 12/110 / T from the online store CZDA - an excellent solution for the preparation of high-class homemade alcohol. His purchase is a profitable investment. You will not only save on the purchase of alcoholic beverages, but also get the opportunity to control their quality.You can buy a moonshine device for yourself or as a surprise for a close friend. Moonshine today is a very popular hobby, so a household moonshine apparatus will become an excellent and unusual gift for each person. Believe me, it will never dust on the shelf, and you can invent your own recipes for high-quality alcohol, the taste of which will fully respond to your preferences.Moonshine apparatus "Khorilić" - Premium 12/110 / T is distinguished by high quality, which is not surprising, given the class of materials used in production. It is made of polished stainless steel, the thickness of which is 1 mm. It has an easy-to-use wide throat 110 mm and a flat bottom, thanks to which the device is incredibly easy to use and does not require any skills. You can also buy a distillation cube with a safety valve.The wide throat of 110 mm provides a comfortable loading of the ingredients, and the optimal design allows you to prepare alcoholic beverages on electrical and gas stoves. Possible option with a collapsible healer.

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