Urbch of white sesame seeds and Bashkir honey

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Urbch of white sesame seeds and Bashkir honey
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30 pcs
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What is the benefit! -Tention immunity helps to get rid of constipation, reduces appetite in part of the desire to eat sweets, normalizes the work of the stomach, helps with inflammation of colon and ulcerative disease; Strengthens the bone, has a stimulating effect on mental activity, increases physical endurance, improves the condition of the skin and hair. A mixture of honey and sesame is a well-known health treasury and a combination that saves many diseases. Such a mix of products will stop stress, relieves chronic fatigue and increases the energy of the body as a whole. It is good that you can use the mixture to almost all people, because it does not have contraindications. AS IT IS? It follows every morning, immediately, as you wake up, use this tool on an empty stomach. The result will not make yourself wait! After some time, you will notice that fatigue has disappeared, and the mood has improved.

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    Brothers Badrakov

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    Glass jar

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    24 Months (s)