Urbek from coconut and cashew pulp

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Urbek from coconut and cashew pulp
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What is the benefit! Coconut and cashews appreciate the right fats that help to reduce the craving for sweet, accelerate the metabolism, control the weight, for their ability to maintain digestion, strengthen immunity and charge energy. This is a detox delicacy! It is natural, it is useful, and it is very tasty. As it is: In order to feel all the butterness and completeness of the taste of this paste, it is necessary to consume it in warm form. There is a slight viscosity in the mouth, as well as a pleasant melting texture and coconut aroma. Options for use such a paste. It can be used as an instantaneous glaze, as a component for smoothie or baking, like topping to fruits, like sweetener of lean porridge or dessert in pure form, etc. There are no sugar in it, no sweeteners, no flavors or added oils. Only solid cashew nuts and dried flesh of mature coconuts.

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