Urbek from almond

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Urbek from almond
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What is the benefit! Almonds are considered the main supplier of alternative protein, high quality necessary for the construction of cells, those who do not use meat products. The almond urbin contains vitamins of group B, e, which have the properties of antioxidants, so the use of the product affects the slowdown of aging processes. Urback from almonds also has potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and monoxide fats in its composition, removes cholesterol and stimulates the activity of the cardiovascular system. Traditionally, almonds were recommended at high mental loads to improve brain activity. The open bank of the Urbe is to be removed in the refrigerator, mix the contents thoroughly thoroughly. The original will be the use of almond urbe in cosmetic procedures. The face mask in the finished, enriched with all the most useful substances in its natural vision.

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