Prime Pric Prime Plus Film Primer

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Prime Pric Prime Plus Film Primer
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Aqua Trade
Aqua Trade

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Firestone primer is used for cleaning and processing the EPDM surfaces of the membrane under self-adhesive material. The primer can be used instead of cleaner for cleaning EPDM membranes before applying glue for firestone seams.The EPDM membrane under the primer should be clean, dry and do not contain foreign materials and dirt.Firestone primer applies on all parts covered by self-adhesive material. Apply the primer on the EPDM surface with special brushes with wide movements back and forth and with a strong pressure along the prepared surface until it takes dark gray, without stripes and divorces. Before putting self-adhesive material or apply glue for seams, let surface dry (usually not more than 10 minutes).It is not allowed to reduce the thickness of the layer.The rate of consumption (for a specialist) is one ballon (3.8 liters) for 30.5 suture meters.

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