Tastee Chocopai cookies with Matcha tea 300g

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Tastee Chocopai cookies with Matcha tea 300g
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A new delicious dessert of rich green color, with Matcha tea. Chocopai with Matcha Tea and Marshmallow is a completely new taste based on authentic Matcha green tea. This is a new super-soft version, with a delicate Marshmallow inside and a taste of green tea in every bite. Get extra pleasure: place the Chocopai in the microwave for 15 seconds to get a warm and moistened cake. And in hot summer, we recommend slightly freezing the chocopai before use, and you will get a crumbly cool treat. Matcha tea differs from all other teas in one main feature – this tea is made from leaves that "ripen" in the shade.Covered with dense dark nets a few weeks before harvest, the leaves of green tea, which will turn into matcha, grow more slowly and, unlike ordinary ones, absorb the maximum amount of amino acids. By the time they are collected, they are living "warehouses" of theanine and catechin, which are responsible for the beneficial properties of matcha.Matcha tea contains at least a hundred times more antioxidants than in high–quality green tea, and among them mainly catechins are the strongest warriors of our immunity in the fight against cancer. In addition, matcha has beneficial properties for women, helps to accelerate metabolism and has a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin.

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