Marshmallow Guandi classic white vanilla

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Marshmallow Guandi classic white vanilla
Marshmallow Guandi classic white vanilla
Marshmallow Guandi classic white vanilla
Marshmallow Guandi classic white vanilla
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Without fat. Gluten-free. Lactose-free. Without egg white. GUANDY marshmallow is a complex and unique product with a special closed production technology, which includes a recipe and experience in this industry for more than 35 years. Not every marshmallow manufacturer is able to repeat a special temperature formula, but it is she who allows us to use marshmallow in many different interesting and delicious ways, and also gives it perfect elasticity and delicate vanilla flavor. In addition, our marshmallow does not contain fat, gluten, lactose and egg white. GUANDY marshmallow production technology is designed specifically for Russia, takes into account our climatic features and complies with all requirements for such a delicate product! Therefore, it is our marshmallow that is ideally fried on fire and melts during heat treatment, retains its softness and elasticity for as long as possible even after opening the package, and also creates the most resistant and delicate vanilla foam when used in drinks. Among the European marshmallow sweets, GUANDY has been a leader for many years — GUANDY is the leading marshmallow manufacturer in the world. GUANDY marshmallow production is hypoallergenic. This means that allergenic products are not used on it: nuts, eggs, wheat flour, crustaceans and many others — therefore, there is no risk of accidental ingress of allergens and their traces into marshmallows. It is important to remember that marshmallows are not marshmallows! No marshmallows are suitable for frying on a campfire. No kind of marshmallow behaves during heat treatment like marshmallow — when frying, it is covered with a ruddy crust on top, and inside it becomes creamy with a unique delicate vanilla flavor. That is why, if you want to cook marshmallows on a fire or coals, bake it in a grill or add it to drinks to get a delicate vanilla cloud — only real marshmallows will suit you, and no marshmallow can replace it! Classic soft vanilla marshmallow, which can be fried over a campfire, melted in the oven or microwave, eaten straight from the pack, cooked fondue or toast with it, put on sticks with your favorite fruits and fried over a campfire. This is a great way to organize children's leisure and spend time with the family cooking interesting culinary goodies using marshmallows as an ingredient.

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