Regenerating cream "UREA 30%"

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Regenerating cream "UREA 30%"
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A cosmetic product with a high percentage of urea is ideal for roughened areas of the skin, softening them, getting rid of cracks and calluses. Its regular use helps to maintain the water balance of the skin, helps to solve the problems of hyperkeratosis. The cream is effective for diabetic foot syndrome. Urea in the cream acts as a moisturizer, accelerates the penetration of active substances into the skin, has an antibacterial and antimicrobial effect. Due to its high content (30%), it acts as a keratolytic, provides exfoliation and epithelization of roughened skin, helps to smooth cracked skin. A complex of fruit acids is used to gently exfoliate and improve the microrelief of the skin. These components contribute to the natural production of collagen, get rid of keratinized layers, slowing the re-keratinization. Olive oil provides skin hydration and nutrition. This component is able to slow down the aging process, eliminates micro-wounds and cracks, makes the skin more elastic and elastic, saturates it with useful components. Mineral oil softens the skin well, making it smoother and silky. 50 ml

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