Cream-balm for feet

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Cream-balm for feet
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Cream-balm for legs PROVEN + With TROXERUTIN The cream-balm has a light, pleasant texture, is able to provide comprehensive care for leg fatigue. It provides an anti-inflammatory and tonic effect, relieves the legs of heaviness, swelling and fatigue, improves blood circulation, cools pleasantly. Due to its light texture, it is able to absorb quickly, does not leave a greasy shine on the skin. Troxerutin in the composition of the balm is endowed with venotonizing, venoprotective and decongestant effect, prevents capillary fragility, relieves inflammation. Extracts of ginkgo biloba, horsetail and horse chestnut help to improve the elasticity of blood vessels. These components normalize the process of blood circulation, anesthetize and relieve inflammation, relieve swelling of the legs. Effective for thrombosis. Lemon and mint in the form of essential oils are endowed with a stimulating effect, are able to improve blood flow and tone. Mint oil prevents the appearance of puffiness, relieves muscle spasms, cools, reduces leg fatigue Application of the product: with light, massaging movements, the cream is applied to the skin until it is completely absorbed. 75 ml

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    Foot Balm Cream

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