Hand and foot cream "UREA 10%'

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Hand and foot cream "UREA 10%'
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Cosmetic regenerating agent with a rich texture is effective for the care of dry, rough and damaged skin, nourishing and moisturizing it. Its regular use provides a soothing, softening and regenerating effect, restores the structure of the skin, gets rid of dead cells, makes the skin more elastic and elastic. The cream is quickly absorbed without leaving the slightest trace. It can be used at any age. The presence of urea in the composition, a natural moisturizer, gives the product an antibacterial, healing and antimicrobial effect. Castor oil softens the skin, helps to combat its dryness, peeling, coarsening and dehydration, gives it elasticity. Thanks to vitamin F, the structure and appearance of the skin improves, its tone increases. Panthenol is important for moisturizing, softening and healing wounds. This component eliminates irritation, eliminates peeling and quickly soothes the skin. Chamomile extract has aseptic properties, has an anti-inflammatory and disinfecting effect, soothes the skin and relieves irritation. 50 ml

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    Hand and foot cream

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