Egg Conditioner Balm

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Egg Conditioner Balm
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Egg balm and conditioner 2 in 1 acts simultaneously in two directions, providing a quick visible effect, as well as acting as a "accumulator", after which the hair gains strength, health and professional care. The composition of the balm is represented by a large number of care components that improve the condition of curls, endow them with a beautiful, healthy shine. Lecithin effectively restores damaged hair, has an antioxidant effect, protects against the negative effects of free radicals. Optimal hydration is provided by hyaluronic acid. Thanks to wheat proteins, the structure of the hair improves, they acquire a beautiful, healthy shine, look well-groomed. It is possible to strengthen the curls from the inside thanks to the vitamin complex. Egg balm provides professional, gentle care for your hair. You can use it daily, together with shampoo of a similar series. Application: apply the balm to wet, washed hair, evenly distribute along the length, leave for two to five minutes, then rinse. 350 ml

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