Liquor Dessert Hierbas Ibisenkas Surname Marie Majas

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Liquor Dessert Hierbas Ibisenkas Surname Marie Majas
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Nizhny Novgorod

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This valuable drink produced is completely manually, not forgetting numerous technological advances that allowed the use of advanced control tools that comply with all quality standards.The recipe is the same natural as history: lemon verbena, orange, lemon, anise, rosemary or FRíGOLA flower (a kind of endemic thyme pytiuses). All of them are going to hand on the island of Ibiza, the same farmers who deliver them to the plant, where they are selected, weighed and are included in the processes. Each of them has its own special approach, and this is just the key to the final result.Liquor saturated amber color, has a fresh, thin, well-balanced taste with characteristic shades of fragrant herbs.The composite fragrance of the liquor envelops deep grassy tones.It is recommended to be supplied in pure form, as a digestion, with ice and as part of cocktails.

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  • Brand / TM.

    Aromaticas de Ibiza.

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    Glass bottle

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  • Brand / TM.

    Aromaticas de Ibiza