Edible (biodegradable) plate

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Edible (biodegradable) plate
Edible (biodegradable) plate
Edible (biodegradable) plate
Edible (biodegradable) plate
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Edible (biodegradable) bran plates. ECO-product. For serving soups, hot and cold dishes and snacks. They taste like bread rolls. Edible plates can be used to serve any food, including liquid (the plate can withstand hot soup for about 40 minutes), you can also cook hot snacks in the oven and warm up food in the microwave. Edible (biodegradable) plates can be used to create a unique end product by filling it with products of your line (for example, dry soups, granola, muesli, breakfast cereals and porridges – the client will only need to add milk/non-milk or hot water, kefir or yogurt). This form of serving in the form of a portion dish will be convenient as a camping meal or when traveling, it will also be very interesting for children. Packing of nuts and dried fruits is possible. The plate does not contain harmful substances. It tastes like bread. It is possible to make plates without salt and sugar. The volume of the bowl is 350 ml., weight-40 g. An alternative to conventional disposable plastic plates. For the environmentally conscious consumer, adherents of a healthy diet and lifestyle, will be of interest to those who adhere to a vegan and vegetarian diet. Ingredients: wheat bran, premium wheat flour, drinking water, sugar, salt

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  • Does not contain

    Artificial dyes, Artificial flavors, Preservatives, GMO, Chlorine, Thickeners, Трансжиры;Загустители;Пальмовое масло;Фениланин;Вкусовые добавки;Холестерин;Яйца;Заменители молочного жира;Глютен;Сахар;Искусственные ароматизаторы;Глутамат натрия;Антибиотики;Консерванты ;Крахмал;Подсластители;Гормоны роста;Искусственные консерванты;ГМО;Злаки;Хлор;Искусственные красители;Искусственные добавки, Vanilla, Palm oil, Amino acids, Milk oil substitutes, Hormones of growth, Antibiotics, Sweeteners, Flavors, Starch, Phenylanine, Preservatives, Isoflavones, Taste additives, Eggs, Sweeteners

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    Коробка картонная;Подложка

  • Contains

    Сахар;Глютен;Натуральные ингредиенты

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