Nelma Balyk Cold Smoked

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Nelma Balyk Cold Smoked
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Nelma is the subspecies of the fish of the kind of Belorebits, the family of sigal fish, which relates to the detachment of salmon-shaped. Nelma is considered semi-pass or freshwater fish.Most of all nerves in large cold rivers - Irtysh, Lena, Obi and Yenisei. Mostly, Nelma lives in desalinated areas of the lower rivers, which fall into the Northern Arctic Ocean.White fatty northern fish with an amazing pleasant taste is a real delicacy. The taste and fragrance of this fish will not leave a single buyer indifferent. Even in the royal times, Belorebitsa (this is exactly called Nelma), they worship as a valuable product, which only the royal people were injured.Nelma of both hot and cold smoking is a real delicacy with a special taste and aroma. Smoked Nelma is rich in valuable fatty acids of omega -3, as well as fat-soluble vitamins D and A. Much in it and vitamins. This is an easily absorbed product that can be consumed in any quantities.Nelma refers to those few species of fish that do not contain any parasites, which means that food can be used in cheese, in smoked and salty form.

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    Cold smoked

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    in / u, Vacuum

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    15 kg

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