Pack Reusable Stasher

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Pack Reusable Stasher
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If you still do not have this magic package from Stasher - it means you have not started to create your own culinary show. This bag is the perfect reusable bag. In addition, he will save your backpack or bag from unnecessary smells, for example, smelling shrimps, if you gathered on a picnic.How can you use them, you ask. We answer.1. Freezing of products in freezers up to -402. Storage of products3. Cooking in boiling water, microwave and oven.4. Not afraid of a dishwasherGood news for those who have a compact kitchen. Packages are compact and weigh very little.In 2016, the Reddot Award 2016 Winner premium.Silicone 100% Platinum from which products are made of products has the highest brand that guarantees your safety even if you confirm the highest temperatures +280 and to -40. There are no cadmium in these packages - it is harmful to health, it is used by silicone producers for cheaper products. They lack plastic, which makes them completely hypoallergenic. Packages do not have separate parts, made by monolith.- 100% pure platinum silicone, missing cadmium- non-toxic, hypoallergenic- Pinch-Lock Seal- 100% FREE PLASTIC- Infinitely reusableThe price depends on the order value

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