Seedlings of the Bratchud Apple tree

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Seedlings of the Bratchud Apple tree
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The winter variety, bred by Mazunin M.A., was obtained in the South Ural Research Institute of Fruit and Vegetable Growing and Potato Growing from crossing a complex hybrid Ural winter x 11-20-12 with the Vydubetskaya weeping variety. A natural dwarf. It enters fruiting for 4 years. Fruits weighing 140-160 gr., greenish-yellow with a reddish blush, rounded-conical, slightly ribbed regular shape. The skin is smooth, dry, shiny. The main color is light yellow, covering in the form of a light tan throughout the fruit. Subcutaneous points are inconspicuous, small. The flesh is white, dense, fine-grained, very juicy. The taste is sweet and sour with a faint spicy aroma. Removable maturity comes in September. the shelf life is 4-5 months.

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