Drinking water "Dubrava"

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Drinking water "Dubrava"
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Few people know that in the Kurgan region there are their mineral waters, for their benefits are not different from the recognized mineral waters of the Caucasus. For example, Shadrinskaya-305 therapeutic and dining water in terms of microelements is a complete analogue of Essentuki-4. It is poured into the shops of the Siberian Topic Scientific and Production Firm. They bring it here from a natural field. There is also an enterprise water containing natural iodine, which is necessary today for most residents of our region. It so happened that the workshop on its spill is literally 100 meters from the well. This useful mineral water comes to the Ural market under the brand name "Kurgan"The usual water balance of the population, our company supports the release of drinking water "Dubrava", "Tenderness", "Nega", "Siberian Key", "Taiga", "Bright Key". They are mined from artesian wells and contain the full composition of the micronutrients necessary for the human body. The annual Federal Committee of the "100 best goods of Russia" included a number of waters of the Siberian Topic of the company also our company produces more than 20 naming of fruit waters.The company works only with local natural raw materials, which is mined in the territory of the Kurgan region.

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