Pneumatic hinge-balancing manipulator SBM-150-P

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Pneumatic hinge-balancing manipulator SBM-150-P
Pneumatic hinge-balancing manipulator SBM-150-P
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"The main parameters of the manipulator: Pneumatic drive for vertical movement Manual dynamic adjustment of load dewatering Load capacity – 150 kg (taking into account the weight of the lifting mechanism) Coverage radius – up to 4000 mm Vertical stroke (capture stroke)– up to 2000 mm The maximum lifting speed is 9 m/min The angle of rotation on each axis is 350 degrees Degree of protection IP 54 Mounting flange for the column Execution on a floor column Quick-release connection for the replacement of lifting devices" "The Russian Manipulator Company (RMK) is the only specialized Russian manufacturer and integrator of industrial manipulators and lifting mechanisms. We have more than 40 years of experience in the industry and offer advanced solutions for moving goods in various industries. We specialize in the development, manufacture and supply of industrial manipulators that are of high quality and reliability. The high level of reliability and functionality of RMK manipulators is not inferior to the best foreign analogues, but at the same time it is combined with affordable cost due to fully local serial production. A full cycle of work is being performed: We study your workflow; We design and manufacture; We supply and carry out installation; Putting the manipulator into operation; We train the working staff; We provide after-sales service. RMK competencies that guarantee results! Tooling, blanks, round parts, cylindrical parts, cylindrical products, sheet metal, bags of lime, bags, wheels, rims, drums, brake drums, shafts, gears, springs, cylinder heads, cylinder blocks, springs, levers, pallets, batteries, crossbars, channels, I-beams, sheets, sheet metal, cubes with aluminum waste, beams, windshield, doors, batteries, dashboards, castings, wheelset boxes, boxes, housings, box cases, blanks, electric motors, refrigerators, refrigerator cabinets, bar tables, auger segments, ploughshares, pallets, batteries, radiators, automobile radiators, trucks, aluminum blanks, shells, aluminum alloys, parts, cathodes, cathodes of electromagnetic nickel, nickel sheet, rolls with film, rolls with packaging film, steel ingots, gold ingots, ingots of precious metals, boxes, food boxes, reloading containers, cargo, robotic cell, welding table, loading of blanks, unloading of blanks, overloading of blanks, unloading of blanks, loading of parts, unloading of parts, overloading of parts, unloading of parts, unloading of products, overloading of products, loading of products, unloading of products, mechanization of parts, "

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