Window Grazio 1200 per 1400

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Window Grazio 1200 per 1400
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The perfect balance with grazio grazio windows seem easy and sophisticated. Such an effect was achieved thanks to the original entry of the facial surfaces of the main profiles. At the same time, the characteristic "shell" is hidden technologies, the use of which made it possible to reduce heat transfer profile and heat-seamless of the Rehau Grazio window profile - a relatively new product oriented to those who appreciate modern engineering and design solutions. This system combines excellent consumer characteristics and a reasonable price. Thanks to the installation depth of 70 mm and 5 internal cameras, the system has a very good heat-saving capacity and allows you to install an energy efficient two-chamber glass windows with a thickness of up to 40 mm. Such windows can be operated even in a harsh northern climate with an average winter temperature below -30 ° C. To save when buying windows for a country house, refuse the discretion of non-standard form, order the designs at once for the whole home: the larger the order, there is more discount. In addition, on the first floor you can increase the number of deaf (not opening) parts of the window - they are significantly cheaper than opening, but they will easily wash outside. Enhanced corners of the front surfaces of profiles correspond to modern architectural and designer trends and additionally emphasize the elegance of windrehau graziokna REHAU Grazio: Warm and stylish, well protected from noise and draft, passes a lot of lights for comfortable life. In the relatively soft winters of the last two or three years on the heating house of a country house with an area of ​​about 120 m2 in the suburbs I had to spend from 35 thousand rubles. (in the towns of the main gas) to 85 thousand rubles. (in houses with electrical heaters). Meanwhile, the practice shows that after replacing the old wooden windows on new plastic with double-chamber windows, expenses were reduced at least 15%. The REHAU Grazio system with an increased heat transfer resistance coefficient (0.85 m² ºС / W), supplemented with an energy-saving double-glazing glass with a thickness of up to 40 mm, will save on heating up to 30% .Rehau Grazio: Technical characteristicsSystem depth / number of cameras: 70 mm / 5. The heat transfer resistance of the profile (Ropp) is 0.85 m2 · ºС / W. The contours of the sealing - 2 (Fasting seals 5/8 mm inside). This design provides reliable protection against drafts, dust and leakage when rain with strong wind. The ability to install reinforced locking devices due to the displacement of the instrument groove axis 13 mm. Such a solution increases the stability of the window to hacking. The surface of the profile is the perfectly smooth, convenient for the care of the glass thickness - up to 40 mimolation of air noise (RW) - from 39 to 45 dB, depending on the thickness and type of brakes in double-glazed windows

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