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Kvass home
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Homemade Kvass "Daridobro" is made without using yeasting, we monitor that there is always a consistently excellent product quality by using only high-quality materials in its manufacture. At the heart of the production is only natural and high quality raw materials: artesian water, fermented malt, sugar and frustration. Our company has its own production, we follow state standards, we independently test products and carry out laboratory studies. The fact that the product is worth paying attention to. Homemade Kvass "Daridobro" - natural lively product; 2. Qualitative raw materials; 3. Author's production technology - the taste of kvass "as in childhood"; 4. The longest life of the product of all analogues is 45 days at T from 0 to + 4 ° C; 5. The widest range in Russia is 9 species; 6. High turnover and conversion; 7. You can use both adults and children; 8. Suit at any time of the year: there is a summer and winter series; 9. To date, in connection with the opening of new offices in the regions, it is possible to buy kvass from the manufacturer Wholesale and retail in Moscow, Perm, Krasnodar, St. Petersburg and other cities. Kvass: Water Artesian, Break-binding, sugar, kvass dry.1 . Rezawa Refragment: Water Artesian, Rust-wheat bread, sugar, fermented malt, salt 2. Kvass dry: sugar crumb (rye-wheat bread), fermented malt. Rust-wheat bread: Exquisite (rye rushing flour, 1c wheat flour, artesian water), rye ridge flour, 1c flour, water artesian, sugar, salt.

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