Black salt, in a plastic bag, 200g

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Black salt, in a plastic bag, 200g
Black salt, in a plastic bag, 200g
Black salt, in a plastic bag, 200g
Black salt, in a plastic bag, 200g
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Black Himalayan salt is a natural volcanic rock salt formed during the formation of the Himalayan Mountains and the drying up of ancient seas 250 million years ago. This process was accompanied by volcanic activity, salt deposits mixed with magma, acquiring their unique mineral composition and color. The main components of black salt are sodium chloride with an admixture of iron sulfide, magnesium and hydrogen sulfide, which gives it a characteristic color and smell. In addition to these substances, black salt is enriched with calcium, potassium, zinc, copper, fluorine, iodine, selenium and other trace elements. The content of NaCl (sodium chloride) in black salt is much lower than in table salt. Due to this, black salt does not retain water in the body and does not cause salt deposits in the joints. Black salt is mined in the Indian Himalayas, in a deposit called Kala Namak, and it is under this name in Sanskrit that it appears in India. The color is affected by iron sulfite, it also gives a specific sulfurous smell. In dry form, the salt is pinkish, but when liquid gets into it, it turns black. The taste has a specific, sulfurous taste. The people of India use it in spice mixtures. Large crystals and pieces of Kala Namak salt have a brown-black color. Ground salt looks dirty pink, darkens when wet. A distinctive feature of black salt is its saturation with hydrogen sulfide, which gives it a pronounced egg smell. Contains: Sodium (not less) – 34 g, Potassium (not less) – 0.02 g, Iron (not less) – 0.02 g. in stock 200 gr fine grinding doy-pack, 100 gr coarse grinding package, 120 gr coarse grinding in a glass bottle with a lid-mill

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