Mix for salads, garnish, desserts with spirulina

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Mix for salads, garnish, desserts with spirulina
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Nastin Slavin.
Nastin Slavin.

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The mixture for salads, garnings, desserts with spirulina "Nastin Slavin" is a mixture of seeds, germinated green buckwheat, and spices that are suitable for your corona dishes and new recipes.Pluses of using the mixture:- adds a highlight to any of your dish- allows you to show more creativity in your kitchen- makes the feeding of dishes "like in a restaurant"- Suitable as "Edible Decor" for Food PhotosSuch a mix can be added to any salads, soups, side disk, eggs, bio-constraint, yogurt, cereal, hot, sandwiches, bread dough, baking, homemade chocolate, ice cream, pour candies from dried fruits - in general, fantasize your taste.We recommend adding during the preparation of a dish or before serving on the table.Ingredients: Gruced green buckwheat, sesame, flax, pumpkin seeds, spirulina.

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    Organic product, ECO, Healthy product

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    Artificial flavors, Artificial dyes, GMO, Preservatives

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    Natural ingredients

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    Nastin Slavin.

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    12 Months (s)

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    Настин Сластин

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