Dumplings with potatoes and fried onions

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Dumplings with potatoes and fried onions
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Dumplings with potatoes and a fried onion. A flashing known quotation, we can say that a happy childhood is equally equally. Dumplings with potatoes and a fried onion, with the most familiar stuffing, are able to awaken memories of very young years. Remember? Here on the kitchen table rolled the dough, the flour scattered, cools the potato mashed potatoes, and fragrant aromatic onion is roasted on the stove. It seemed that the bow should be unusually tasty - he wanted to eat right immediately, without any potato or dough there. But, waiting for ready-made dumplings, each time it became clear - it was worth it. Thin dough. Carefully blind dumplings that are not disclosed in the cooking process, and retain all the taste of the filling, protecting it from boiling water and stirring a spoon - pleasure, in one word. Dumplings with potatoes and fried onions are not an exquisite dish, not an original and new-fashioned recipe. These are simple, the most common and most delicious dumplings of our childhood. Those who have taken from boiling water skimmer, those that ate with the whole friendly large family. Delivery to another region from 100kg, in a suburb 50kg.

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