Sports suit for fitness-888bg

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Sports suit for fitness-888bg
Sports suit for fitness-888bg
Sports suit for fitness-888bg
Sports suit for fitness-888bg
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They are small by one size!!! Women's sports suit for fitness 3in1 with leggings, a cropped jacket with a zipper, a rashguard and a top. ( SIZES: S-40, M-42, L-44. XL-46). Knitted women's tracksuit is made according to modern technologies without seams! We have a large selection of sportswear, women's fitness. Women's sports suits are suitable for gymnastics and yoga and gym! This suit is ideal for urban and sports images as an everyday bow, as well as as an element of underwear. Perfect for outdoor activities, pole dance, pole fit, pole dancing, walking, sleeping, traveling and home wear. A tracksuit is an integral part of the wardrobe of any person engaged in sports. It consists of various elements: sportswear, overalls, T-shirts, leggings, training shorts and many other items. This type of clothing is designed specifically for training and sports and for home. Tracksuits have become popular for women, especially in fitness and yoga. They are made of lightweight and breathable materials to ensure comfort and freedom of movement. Summer versions of tracksuits have an open back and short shorts to freshen up in the heat. Teenagers also need tracksuits for training in volleyball, running or cycling. They can choose both seamless options that ensure a perfect fit, and tight leggings to support the muscles. Due to the variety of styles and designs, sports suits for girls and women of various ages and shapes and even pregnant women are presented on the market. Many of them are tight-fitting, which emphasizes the dignity of the figure and encourages more productive workouts.