Disposable polyethylene armbands

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Disposable polyethylene armbands
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2000 pcs
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The products are used in many industries, but they are most often used in the following: Medical organizations. The use of overalls in institutions of this type is a prerequisite for sanitary and hygienic requirements. This is necessary so that bacteria and infectious agents do not spread. Scientific and chemical laboratories. In these organizations, employees interact with various substances dangerous to human health, therefore, the use of overalls, first of all, allows to increase the safety of employees. Food industry. In this area, people's contact with products should be minimized, since this factor directly affects the quality of manufactured products. The area of public catering. As in the previous case, employees of cafes, restaurants and canteens must comply with sanitary and hygienic standards when working with food. Beauty salons and cosmetology offices. During some procedures, it is necessary to use personal protective equipment that will protect not only the client, but also the service personnel.

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