Sofa Vessel Happy 560 Corner Right

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Sofa Vessel Happy 560 Corner Right
Sofa Vessel Happy 560 Corner Right
Sofa Vessel Happy 560 Corner Right
Sofa Vessel Happy 560 Corner Right
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1 Vessel model is made in a modern style, has elegant and smooth shapes.The original nuance is a stop "in two additions". On the absorbing pillows and on the outerParts of armrests have horizontal tuys.2 The sofa has a comfortable transformation mechanism for every day "APRICLICK".In the angular version, the sofa with the transformation mechanism "apriclick" and a lounger with liftingmechanism and gas stops. The transformation mechanism "ApricLick" is reliable and simplein use. Basic use - sofas for daily use. Sofawith the "apriclick" mechanism, ideal for sleep and leisure, because in the unfoldedcondition is a full-fledged bed. Lay and fold them canabsolutely any, since these products have a simple design and algorithmOutdiction consists of just three steps. Sleeping space 1460x1950.Block from LDSP for bedding.3 Application of the Spring Technology "ArcSupport" allows you to achieve the sameSoftness over the entire bed of bed, but the use of innovative material"Pure Eco Foam" as a filler for the seat and back of the sofa, providesMaximum comfort when landing and efficient sleep even in a short time.4 The kit includes two adjustable pillows, filler - a mixture of hypoallergenic fiber"AIRON" and crumbs of highly elastic PPU. Two rollers, filler - PPU and volumetricThe cloth "Hollcon".5 Decorative legs made of beech array. Height of legs 150 mm.6 Seating height 470 mm.7 The depth of the landing space is 580 mm.

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