Set "Siberian Siberian" with Honey Difficult

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Set "Siberian Siberian" with Honey Difficult
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Tea on herbs - "delicious tea" - 10 grams in the filter package. The composition of the tea - Ivan tea, currant leaf, strawberry, Sagan Dyle. Vintage 2021 years. Very high quality raw materials. Whole berries. Supplement wooden -15 cm high. Friend, We present to you our new product - honey in gift wrapping. Let's try that we tried - not to say anything! A unique gift for a roe called Now you can buy from us. Orcupic high-quality honey, herbal delicious tea, gift wrapping with wishes and a wooden spoon. Very compact, at the same time a pleasant, tasty and useful gift. If you still reflect on the question - what to buy an athlete, father, who cares about his health, Vegan or an avid ppshnik? I think the answer will be obvious - this is our honey and tea in one gift packaging. On the back side depicts a fabulous author's deer, there are stylish inscriptions on each side of the box - with the wishes of good, health, and where and whom I was glad If you have to like the result of our work.

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