Anti-cellulite scrub wedding "Alerta"

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Anti-cellulite scrub wedding "Alerta"
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Davim Maslo
Davim Maslo

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Anti-cellulite scrub - wrap "Alerta"Stimulates the combustion of fat deposits, accelerates metabolic processes in cells, refreshes and tones the skin. Has a lifting effect, improves the structure of the skin and prevents the appearance of stretch marksProperties:• Enhances blood flow to fatty tissues, enriching oxygen cells, as a result of which congestive deposits weaken• Enhances the outflow of excess fluid from lipid tissues• increases skin elasticity• Improves appearance• positively affects the metabolic rate• Helps the body to cleanse slags and toxinsActive ingredients:• Konopley flour• Black Tine Flour•Honey• seed seed oil• Pepper Kayensky• Grapefruit essential oil• Gerani essential oil• Cinnamon essential oil• Bergamot Essential OilMode of application:1. Apply the scrub on the wet skin of the hindered zone and the legs intense circular massaging movements, paying particular attention to the problem areas. Rock warm water2. Distribute the thick layer on the pre-cleaned skin of problem areas, wrap the film. After 25-30 minutes, rinse with cool water. The means is highly active, so the appearance of light burning is possible, which is a normal skin reactionATTENTION !!! In the process of using wraps, redness and burning skin can occur, which disappears approximately 40 minutes after washing. This is due to highly efficient active ingredients that are absolutely safe. We recommend testing wrapping on a small area of ​​skin from 5 to 50 minutes, before applying the surface of "problem areas", and also gradually increase the time of procedure from 10 to 50 minutes

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