Russian Ivan-tea premium yes sea buckthorn

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Russian Ivan-tea premium yes sea buckthorn
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Ivan Chaykin
Ivan Chaykin

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Russian Ivan-tea Premium yes sea buckthorn, 12 pyramids in sachets envelopesIvan tea and sea buckthorn with Premium herbs. Powerful health and cheerful cocktail!High-quality Ivan tea made from selected top leaves of plants in the first 2 weeks of flowering. It has a rich composition, selected by professional herbalists, beautiful taste and aroma.Sea buckthorn - a wonderful berry, filled with health! It makes elastic vessel walls, helps healing wounds and strengthening immunity. Regular use of sea buckthorn slows down aging. We combined the benefit of Ivan tea and sea buckthorn and got a surprisingly powerful cocktail of health and cheerfulness.Ingredients: Cypria fermented leaves,Sea buckthorn leaves, ginger root, lemon zest, lemgrass,Celendula inflorescences, sea buckthorn berries12 pyramids for 2 gr. In individual sachets envelopes.Method of preparation: Ivan tea in a pyramid Pour 250 ml of hot water 100 ° C.Wait 3-5 minutes while the tea opens and gain taste. Enjoy!

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    Blooming Sally

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    Russian Ivan Tea

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    Русский Иван-чай