Antifreeze LUXE G12 + Red (5kg) Red Line

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Antifreeze LUXE G12 + Red (5kg) Red Line
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Antifreeze LUXE G12 + LONG LIFE REDDoes not contain nitrites, phosphates, amines and silicates, which is an important condition for the safety of all cooling system nodes and, as a result, provides a longer service life. Made using a unique package of additives, which allows you to remain antifreeze unchanged during the entire service life. The replacement interval for passenger cars is 5 years, for freight - 6 years (250,000 km and 650000 km of run, respectively).Designed for use in the cooling systems of the internal combustion of passenger and trucks, including in forced and turbocharging, as well as in the cooling systems of agricultural and other special equipment.AdvantagesEffectively protects against high-temperature and cavitation corrosion of engine parts, radiator, thermostat, rubber seals.Increased heat sink properties that improve the engine operation.Compatible with all types of cooling fluids based on ethylene glycol and organic corrosion inhibitors, incl. G11 and G12.Physicochemical characteristicsDensity at 20 ° C, g / cm³ (ASTM D 1122): 1,089The temperature of the start of crystallization, ° C (ASTM D 1177): -41Compliance with the requirementsVW TL 774 D / FMAN 324 TYP SNFMTU MTL 5048.Ford WSS-M 97B44-DMB-Approval 325.3

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