Bitumen mastic MBG 10kg

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Bitumen mastic MBG 10kg
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"Scope of application: Mastic is intended for anticorrosive protection of concrete, metal, wooden and other structures, including pipelines, pillars, caissons. It is used in waterproofing and roofing works (for the production of horizontal and inclined roofs) and for gluing various building materials, carrying out repair work, sealing cracks and crevices. Features: After drying, it retains an elastic structure. Mastic retains heat resistance up to +80°C. Frost-resistant. Mastic consumption: To obtain a better waterproofing layer on porous and "weakly containing" - chalking surfaces, pre-treat the surface with a bitumen or bitumen-polymer primer manufactured by LLC "Khozdvor". The thickness of the applied layer is not more than 1.0 mm. Consumption 0.6-1.3 kg/m2 depending on the type of surface. Application conditions: The temperature of the air and the substrate during the work should be in the range from -10 to +40 ° C, the relative humidity of the air - no more than 80%. The substrate must be dry, clean, durable, free of frost and ice, and free of substances that reduce adhesion before use. The drying time of the applied layer at a temperature of +20 ° C is from 6 to 24 hours, depending on the humidity of the air and the thickness of the layer. Complete drying of the applied layers for at least 24 hours. At low temperatures, the drying time increases."

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    Bituminous mastic

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