Roman pizza barbecue

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Roman pizza barbecue
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Ingredients for pizza (mixture for Roman pizza (wheat-grained wheat flour (fermented wheat flour), soy flour, deactivated yeast), drinking water, olive oil, salt dietary, yeast bakery dry insistant, wheat flour, cereals Manna, vegetable oil), mozzarella cheese (crushed grain extruded (milk-trapped, cooking salt, mesophilic and thermophilic lactic acid microorganisms, Bulgarian wand, milk-removable drug of animal origin), milk fat substitute (refined deodorized oils in natural and modified form, antioxidant of tocopherolov ), water, milk protein, stabilizer diprachmalaudipat acetylated, complex food additives: sodium citrate, potassium phosphates; acidity regulator, salt, drying milk dry, preservative Sorbate potassium, lemon acid acidity regulator, natural dye natural), ham (pork, in Yes, a mixture of poster-nitrite (nutrition salt, scattering of sodium nitrite, starch, dextrose, thickeners: carragegen, xanthan gum, carboxymethylcellulose; Stabilizers: trifhosphates, polyphosphates; Amplifier of taste and aroma glutamate sodium, antioxidant Ascorbat sodium, preservatives: Sorbate potassium, sodium gasolonate), Mainenez Sauce "Grill Burger" (Sunflower oil refined deodorized, drinking water, sugar, salt, egg products dry, acidity regulators: acetic acid, acid Milk; fiber wheat, flavors, nutmeg, mustard powder, stabilizers: guar gum, xanthan gum; preservatives: potassium sorbate, sodium benzonate; spices, dye sugar kel, flavor enhancers: bidden guanilla, inosinate sodium. Perhaps the presence of traces of soy protein, Celery, sesame, nuts, gluten), chicken breast baked paprika (chicken chicken fillet, water, (wheat fibers, Trifosphate acidity regulator, stabilizers: sodium pyrophosphate, potassium polyphosphate, carragegen, ksanthanki gum; dextrose, agent heating chloride, antioxidant isoascorbat sodium, Flavoring, natural spice extracts: coriander, nutmeg), soybean protein, white Ok milk, animal protein, salt, starch potato, paprika, black pepper), sweet fresh pepper, barbecue sauce (drinking water, tomato paste, thickener dicracmaladipat acetylated, vinegar apple natural, salt, acidity regulator acetic acid, sunflower oil refined deodorized Dye sugar kel, flavors, stabilizers: guar gum, xanthan gum; Preservatives: potassium sorbate, sodium benzonat; Sucraloz sweetener, taste amplifiers: sodium guanilla, inosinate sodium. Perhaps the presence of traces of mustard, egg, dairy and soy protein. sesame, celery, nuts, gluten), sausage cheesecake (pork, spic, beef fat, soy protein, salt, spices and extracts of spices (chili pepper, garlic, paprika), sugar, antioxidants: ascorbic acid, sodium isoaskorbat; yeast extract, Vegetable oil, starting crops, clamps of sodium nitrite). Suitable gluten, dairy products, egg products, lecithin soybean. Pisch and energy value in 100 g (average value): proteins-11.7g; fats 14g; carbohydrates-31,83; 293.3 kcal / 1228kj.

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    Коробка картонная;Подложка

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    Россия, Кубань

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