Bitter apricot seeds, crushed

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Bitter apricot seeds, crushed
Bitter apricot seeds, crushed
Bitter apricot seeds, crushed
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Phyto Salus
Phyto Salus

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Crushed bitter apricot kernels are a source of natural amygdalin (vitamin B 17). Absolutely natural, organic, water-soluble, concentrated flour of fine grinding from bitter apricot kernels. It is bitter apricot seeds that contain a large amount of natural amygdalin, vitamin B 17, which has a strong antioxidant effect and is successfully used in the complex therapy of cancer treatment. Bitter apricot kernel flour contains phosphorus, iron, magnesium and dietary fiber. It is used in the preparation of facial and body scrubs, removes dead cells well, promotes the production of collagen and reduces excess sebum, refreshes and nourishes. Suitable for all skin types. When added to smoothies, porridges, compotes, yogurts, pastries, they help to cleanse the body. The recommended intake dose for destroying pathogenic and weakened cells in the body, including cancer cells, is no more than 20 g at a time. Bitter apricot seeds crushed. 200 g

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