Essentuki №17, 0.45l

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Essentuki №17, 0.45l
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Kholding Akva
Kholding Akva


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Rain and melting water seep through the rocks of the Caucasian mountains and under the influence of volcanic processes in the depths of Elbrus are enriched with useful minerals for 800 years. The useful properties of "Essentukov№4" and "Essentukov №17" are tested by time and many generations of doctors. Therapeutic properties of the water "Essentuki" are studied since 1823. Promotes and helps: improving the overall condition of the body, increase the resistance to stress, the protection of the body from bad ecology, improving the work of the digestive organs, improvement of metabolism, the normalization of the water-salt and acid-alkaline balance, removes toxins and slags from the body, improving the liver and pancreas glands, in the prevention and treatment of diabetes, with diseases of the upper respiratory tract, colds. Good taste. Recommended to drink 30-60 minutes before meals. Main ionic composition, mg / dm³ (mg / l): hydrocarbonates, NSO3 / 4900-6500 sulfates, SO42- <25 chlorides, CL¯ 1700-2800Calutions, CA2⁺ 50-200 magnesium, MG2⁺ <150 sodium + potassium, Na ⁺ + K⁺ 2700-4000Biologically active components, mg / dm³ (mg / l): carbon dioxide CO2 - 500-2350 in the source; Ortoboric acid N3VO3 - 40 - 90. Mineralization of g / dm³ (g / l): 10.0-14.0. High-mineralized. Natural precipitate of mineral salts. It is applied outside the aggravation phase of these diseases.

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    Medical dining room

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    Glass bottle, STB.

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    Medical dining room

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    24 Months (s)

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