Auto shampoo for contactless washing Laguna

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Auto shampoo for contactless washing Laguna
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Concentrated detergent for non-contact washing of passenger cars and trucks. Specifications Easily removes road dust, dirt, oil, traces of insects. Creates a persistent foam that is easily washed off the surface. Does not leave sediment in pipelines and tanks. It does not harm aluminum, nickel-plated surfaces and other coatings made of non-ferrous metal alloys. Premium components in the composition. Contains anticorrosive additives. The composition contains a non-ionic surfactant, which gives shine to the paintwork, which is ideal for pre-sale preparation of cars. Suitable for all types of contactless sinks, tunnel and portal type, MSO. Method of application Before application, the product must be diluted with water at a rate of 1:5 -1:9 in a foam kit (1 liter) or 1:50-1:90 for a foam generator (25, 50, 100 liters), depending on the degree of contamination. Knock off the top layer of dirt from the surface, then apply a diluted composition in the form of foam. Stand for 1-2 minutes, preventing drying. Rinse thoroughly with high-pressure water.

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    Autosampunk for contactless washing

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